How early can you start learning to play an instrument at Malmö Music School?

You can start learning most instruments from an early age at Malmö Music School!
We have a range of courses that you can join from the age of 4. In our beginner classes, we teach the basics of playing an instrument, from how to hold your instrument to how to read notes and play with others.
We teach piano, guitar, cello and violin children starting when they are 4 years old. Some instruments need children to be larger, such as drums, or you need the children to be older to learn the right "singing technique", but learning to sing can also be done from an early age.

What instruments can you learn to play at Malmö Music School?

At Malmö Music School we teach violin (violin), cello,bass, piano, guitar, drums,saxophone and vocals. You can see our courses and book your place here.

If you sign up for Malmö Music School, do you need to have your own instrument?

When you are just getting started, it is very helpful to have your own instrument. You can practice what we work with during lessons at home and develop faster the skills you need for the instrument.
When you come to Malmö Music School, you need to bring your own guitar/bass/saxophone/violin/cello. Pianos and drums; bass- and guitar amplifiers are at the school.

What instruments do you recommend?

As a beginner on piano, we recommend that you at least get yourself a keyboard, 5 octaves (61 keys) with touch (pressure sensitivity) so that you can practice playing weak and strong. For example, a Yamaha PSR-E373. If you already know that you want to study for a longer period, a digital piano is an excellent option. Our suppliers Juhl-Sørensen and Malmö Musikaffär offer our students good discounts. Malmö Musikskola does not receive any commission or benefit for this, but has only negotiated some good deals for our students.

For guitar, bass and drums, Malmö Musikaffär also offers good deals for our students. Talk to your teacher about the instrument you want to buy and they can give you good advice.

As for string instruments: Malmö Musikskola rents violins to its students. Nylund and Son provide rental celli and send to Malmö. Several of our students have rented from them, however, Malmö Musikskola does not have any active cooperation with them.

Wind instruments: Windcorp rents out wind instruments at affordable prices. They have a store in Malmö. Malmö Music School does not have any active cooperation with them.

Is the teaching in group or individual?

All our singing or instrument lessons are individual, but the school plans to start group teaching for children between 4-6 years of age in 2022.

We want to offer group music lessons for all ages, but children between the ages of 4-6 are at the top of our priority list. Most children of this age are very social and they are interested and like to play with other children during lessons.

However, we have theory and composition teaching in small groups.

What can you expect the first time you come to Malmö Music School?

The first lesson is important because that's when you'll meet your teachers. This way they can know more about your potential prior knowledge and goals in music.
They can then get a picture of what kind of teaching style suits you best.

If you are brand new, the goal is to plan the teaching so that you can take your first steps in music with an emphasis on what you want out of it. Already in the first lesson you leave school with a feeling of "I can!", because we put a lot of emphasis on you playing from day one, although we also go into certain theoretical aspects.

We plan the lessons so that each builds on the next – each new lesson is based on the last one, making it easier for students to learn faster and stay motivated.

Can you try it once at Malmö Music School before you decide to sign up for an entire semester?

Yes, you can! However, since our free hours are very limited, we do the following:

You go in here and book a test lesson. After that, we will contact you with available times to be able to try out in the particular instrument you want (please note that you must book one test lesson per instrument you want to try). After the test lesson you can decide if you want to continue, and if you want to, we will call you and find a time suitable for the rest of the semester.

Do you have summer courses?

We have summer courses in most of our instruments. The courses for 2022 start in weeks 23 to 25, and then from week 31-33. Those courses span 6 occasions. You choose the length of lessons (30, 45 or 60 minutes)
You can go in here and choose any course and then summer course so you can book right now!

Are all courses in place or are there any online courses?

All our singing and instrument courses are on site at Malmö Musikskola's premises at Jörgen Kocksgatan 65A in Malmö.
However, we have music theory and composition courses online, both in groups and individually.

I want to learn to sing, but I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to, what am I going to do?

If you've always wanted to sing, but have been too nervous or unsure of yourself, don't give up on your dream. Singing is a skill that everyone can learn with the right help.

The first step in learning to sing is to consider how much time and effort you are willing to put into the process. The more time you are willing to invest, the easier it will be for you to improve your singing skills. Our singing teachers will help you along the way, giving you the tools you need.

Where in Malmö are you?

We are located at Jörgen Kocksgatan 65A, in one of Malmö's most expansive areas, Nyhamnen.

I've checked your website and I'm interested, but I'd like to pay monthly instead of forward. Is that possible?

Yes! In the past we have not had that possibility, but from the spring semester 2022, it is possible to pay each month instead of a lump sum at the beginning of each semester. However, you are bound to pay for the entire booked time (spring semester, summer semester or autumn term).
In addition, new for 2022 is that you can come from weeks 3-25 and 31-50 and split the payment into 12 months. You then have lessons 39 weeks a year for a lower monthly fee than previously paid. You can see our prices and monthly payments here.

Do you have any music scholarships at Malmö Music School?

Malmö Musikskola has a great social responsibility and wants to ensure that all talented children who want to become musicians have the opportunity for a quality education. There are currently no music scholarships at the school, but Malmö Musikskola is working to be able to introduce a scholarship system in 2022 to help those in need of financial help. Follow us on social media to stay up to date on this.

Can you rent a room to practice with you?

Yes! You can rent most of Malmö Musikskola's rehearsal rooms to practice your instrument. You can read more here about our premises and book here.