Basic lessons in Malmö for children and adults

Schedule for 2022:

Spring semester: weeks 3-21. No lessons for weeks 8 and 15. *Reserve week: 22

Summer courses: weeks 23-25 and 31-33

Autumn semester: weeks 34-50. No lessons in week 44. *Reserve week: week 2, 2023.

New! All year round: weeks 3-25 and 34-50. *Reserve weeks: weeks 22 and 2. No lessons weeks 8, 15 and 44.

*Reserve week: Spring and autumn semesters have a reserve week where you can catch up on 1 (one) lesson that the student has missed due to illness, for example.

From 2022 you can choose to part-pay the tuition fee/annual fee through us. No interest. If you choose to commit all year, we also offer the billing fee (value 588KR/year, SEK 49/month).

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Here you can order your basic lessons at Malmö Music School

Do you live near Malmö and want to learn how to play bass? 

Have you had dreams of learning to play bass but never taken the first step? Or maybe you're already playing but need help taking it to the next level? Malmö Musikskola now offers basic lessons in electric bass where you get the opportunity to delve into everything the instrument has to offer. Our teachers have a great breadth of genre and want to take advantage of your goals and desires about what you want to get out of your game. You will receive individual teaching with personal supervision and a great space to express your own creativity!

Looking for a basic teacher or lessons in Malmö?

During your basic lessons at Malmö Music School, we will work with:

  • Instrument knowledge: You will learn the basic knowledge about string names, how to correct the bass and how the volume and tone dials work.
  • Note reading: To help you orient yourself through a note image, we will go through all the tone names and where these are located on the base's grip board. You will then get to practice your note reading through various exercises.
  • Tabulature: In many cases, it is difficult to find notes for music in e.g. rock and pop. Then it can be good to also be able to read tabs or tabs. Here you will learn how these work and practice playing after them.
  • Rhythms: We will work with all the sheet music values and you will get to practice playing different rhythms as well as beat species.
  • Scales: Here we work with different scales and how they can be used to play fills or solo, for example.
  • Chords: During the basic lessons we will work on how you can play different chords on an electric basis. This is done mainly through arpeggios which involves breaking up the chords and playing them tone by tone.
  • Hearing: You will work with your basic teacher to develop your response and try to plank different songs and bass lines. This will be done both with the help of your electric bass and singing.
  • Technology: Here we work with technology, both in the left and right hand. We will go through alternate plucking, raking, slap, pick and hammer ons/pull offs.
  • Improvisation: We will go through how you can use your knowledge of scales chords and rhythms to improvise.
  • Play songs: Of course, we will try to incorporate songplay into much of the teaching.
  • Write custom baselines: You will learn and practice writing your own baselines to different types of music.
  • Heating and ergonomics: To avoid damage, we will review how you should sit and keep your electric base as ergonomic as possible. In addition to this, you will also learn different warm-up exercises.


Our basic lessons are held on Sundays and Mondays. After your order, you will contact us at Malmö Music School and in connection with our basic teachers we will find a time that suits you.

Length of course

Autumn semester: 16 occasions 30/45/60 min

Spring semester: 17 occasions 30/45/60 min

Summer course: 6 occasions à 30/45/50 min

Shorter courses: 8 occasions 30/45/60 min

We have continuous start of shorter courses during the semester, contact us for more information. Our full-term courses have discounted prices.

The spring semester 2022 starts week 3, the summer courses in week 23 and the autumn semester 2022 in week 34.

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Course length

Spring semester 2022 (17 lessons + 1 reserve), Summer course 2022 (6 lessons), Autumn semester 2022 (16 lessons + 1 reserve), New! All year round (39 lessons a year + 2 reserve weeks), 8 lessons package with running start, Test lesson