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Malmö Music School

Malmö Music School

Welcome to Malmö School of Music –
Alternatives to Malmö Culture School

We at Malmö School of Music are passionate about music and for conveying our passion for music to all our students and seeing them develop and their relationship to music deepens. With us you are welcome regardless of age and level of knowledge.

Avoid queue times at Malmö Kulturskola

Malmö Musikskola is aware of the long waiting times at Malmö Kulturskola and the other municipal options in music teaching. Therefore, we strive to be able to offer a study place to all children who want to learn music and want to avoid queue times at Malmö Kulturskola . With us you can play bass,cello,violin (violin),piano,saxophone,drums or take our singing course without any queue times. Send an application and you will get in direct contact with our teachers who will help you find the appropriate time and day for your music lessons.

A range of opportunities only at Malmö Music School

Do you want to study at Malmö Music School?

We welcome students of all ages and at all levels of knowledge. We want to help our students develop in music, encourage their creativity and passion for music and increase their self-confidence.

Our piano, cello and saxophone teachers are all active musicians who, during their lessons, contribute to the student's development with both their pedagogical and artistic knowledge.

Since autumn 2020, we have also offered first-class distance learning via the Zoom platform. So you can access our expertise and learn how to play your favorite instrument no matter where you live. Today we have students both in Sweden and abroad who learn online.

Malmö Music School is a stone's throw away from Malmö C and Värnhem. Therefore, you can quickly get to us also from Lund, Staffanstorp, Lomma. No place at kulturskolan? Contact us and get started with gambling today!

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