Learn to play the piano at Malmö Music School!

Have you always wanted to play the piano, but haven't started yet? Or have you ever wondered if you can learn to play the piano as an adult at all?

Come to us at Malmö Music School and you will learn to play from the first lesson!

Our piano teachers adapt the teaching to your conditions and make sure you get the help you need to develop. So you can discover everything the music has to offer. You will learn to listen, read notes and play from the first lesson.

Do you want to take piano lessons in Malmö? All ages welcome.
Target audience

This piano course is adapted for adults who want to learn to play the piano from scratch, so no prior knowledge is required.

During your piano lessons in our adult course, we will work with:
  • Note reading: we believe that note reading is necessary in order to develop their skills in the instrument. Therefore, during piano lessons, we learn to read notes and play at the same time from day one.
  • Rhythm: we clap different rhythms and go through all the sheet music values.
  • Chords: we learn to understand how different chords are constructed and how they are related to each other.
  • Hearing and singing: being able to sing is one of the most important factors in the development of the hearing. Therefore, we practice singing different tones that we play and practice recognizing them on the piano.
  • Sound: we work to create different sounds with the piano. Thus, not only weak or strong, but darker/clearer/thick/brilliant, etc.
  • Technique: a pianist is just like an athlete. As a pianist, you use your body to create music and certain movements burden the body more or less. Therefore, we learn not only what tone to play, but also how. We work intensively during the summer course to make you understand how sound and technology go hand in hand. Everyone can produce the "right" sound once, but being able to do it every time is something you have to master. Many people believe that when you start learning to play the piano in adulthood, the technique is something mal can never learn. But our piano lessons for adults are precisely adapted to enable you to learn correctly and efficiently.

Our course in piano is held primarily on afternoons weekdays between 13:00-20:30, or Saturdays between 09:00-16:00. After your order, you contact us at Malmö Music School and in connection with our piano teacher we will find a time that suits you.

Length of course

Full year: 40 sessions of 30/45/60 min, with the possibility to take up to 6 lessons (reserve lessons/flex)

Autumn or spring term: 17 sessions of 30/45/60 min, with the possibility of making up 1 lesson

Summer course: 6 sessions of 30/45/60 min

There is a possibility of a short trial course of 8 sessions of 30/45/60 min. These start regularly during the semester, contact us for more information. Our full year and full term courses have discounted prices.

Autumn term 2021 starts week 34, Spring term 2022 starts week 3. Summer courses are scheduled between June and August in consultation with the school.

You can see the prices for piano lessons at Malmö Music School on our order page.

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