Singing lessons for all ages at Malmö Music School

Do you have a dream of learning to sing? Or are you looking for coaching for a special occasion?

Our singing lessons are adapted to your conditions and goals, whether you are a beginner or have experience singing.

During the lessons, we work focused on various tools to develop your voice in the best way:

*Voice technology and voice care – To find a healthy singing technique, the vocal cords are muscles that need both exercise and care
*Different genres – By working with different genres, you learn how to use your voice in a variety of ways

*Hearing - Find the right tone
*Rhythmics – Be able to feel the music and anchor in body and voice
*Personal expression
*Text interpretation
*Interpretation – A fantastic means to get your own expression, by focusing on the lyrics and their own role in a song
*Increased self-esteem
*Broaden its register

singing course Malmö Music School singing teacher
Learn to sing at Malmö Music School with our professional singing teachers!
Length of course

Full year: 40 sessions of 30/45/60 min, with the possibility to take up to 6 lessons (reserve lessons/flex)

Autumn or spring term: 17 sessions of 30/45/60 min, with the possibility of making up 1 lesson

Summer course: 6 sessions of 30/45/60 min

There is a possibility of a short trial course of 8 sessions of 30/45/60 min. These start regularly during the semester, contact us for more information. Our full year and full term courses have discounted prices.

Autumn term 2021 starts week 34, Spring term 2022 starts week 3. Summer courses are scheduled between June and August in consultation with the school.

The prices for singing lessons at Malmö Music School can be found on our order page.

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