Do you live near Malmö and want to learn how to play the cello?

Cello is heard in symphony orchestras in large concert halls, but also in video games and film music. The tone of the cello is warm and full-bodied and at the same time sounding, making it a suitable instrument even for solo play.

Do you want to start with a string instrument, but don't know which one? Then maybe the cello is for you. We

All cello teachers at Malmö Music School adapt the teaching according to you or your child and make sure that you get the help you need to develop and discover everything the music has to offer. This means that you learn to listen, read notes and play from day one.

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Come to Malmö Music School and meet our talented cello teachers!

Who can apply for the cellol lessons in Malmö?

Children from 4 years and adults are welcome. No prior knowledge is required. However, you must either rent or buy a cello in order to train at home. We have cooperation with some rental companies of string instruments, so do not hesitate to contact us if you need it.

What do you work with during cellol lessons at Malmö Music School?

  • Note reading: from day one you learn to read and play the cello at the same time, as we believe that note reading is necessary in order to develop your skills in the instrument.
  • Rhythm: the most important characteristic of music is rhythm. It is the endless combinations that allow us to quickly recognize a particular paragraph and distinguish one from another. We therefore train our heart rate feeling by patting different rhythms and going through all the notes during your cellol lessons.
  • Hearing and singing: being able to sing is one of the most important factors in the development of the hearing. We develop our response by singing different tones that we play and practice recognizing them on the cello, but also on other instruments.
  • Sound: we go through the different shades and sound colors of the cello as the cello should be like an extension of the voice.
  • Technology: good technology is a prerequisite for having a varied repertoire, which is why we focus during our cellol lessons on basic string technology and left-handed technology.
  • Ergonomics: sitting right while playing is incredibly important to avoid occupational injuries. In ergonomics, the cello teacher works with the student so that he learns different exercises for the shoulders and seat legs. They are the ones who help maintain a good posture when playing the cello.
When do cellol injections usually take place?

Our cellol injections are held primarily during weekdays in the afternoon. Contact us at Malmö Music School after placing an order and we will find a time that suits you in connection with our cello teacher.

How many cell injections are there in a semester?

Full year: 40 sessions of 30/45/60 min, with the possibility to take up to 6 lessons (reserve lessons/flex)

Autumn or spring term: 17 sessions of 30/45/60 min, with the possibility of making up 1 lesson

Summer course: 6 sessions of 30/45/60 min

There is a possibility of a short trial course of 8 sessions of 30/45/60 min. These start regularly during the semester, contact us for more information. Our full year and full term courses have discounted prices.

Autumn term 2021 starts week 34, Spring term 2022 starts week 3. Summer courses are scheduled between June and August in consultation with the school.

You can see the prices for cello lessons at Malmö Music School on our order page.

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