Learn to play saxophone at Malmö Music School

Want to start playing a versatile wind instrument? Or have you played the saxophone and want to deepen your knowledge? Do you want to learn new songs or work with your technique and tone formation?

Our teacher Jon Mellerby will help you to get started with the instrument or to go further in your development!

Target audience

Children and adults. All lessons are personalised so no prior knowledge is required.


  • Note reading: from day one you learn to read and play at the same time. We believe that note reading is necessary in order to develop their skills in the instrument.
  • Rhythm: we clap different rhythms and go through all the sheet music values.
  • Hearing and singing: being able to sing is one of the most important factors in the development of the hearing. We sing different tones that we play and practice recognizing them.
  • Tone formation: we go through the different shades of the saxophone and find our personal "sound". The saxophone should be an extension of the voice.
  • Technology: good technology is a prerequisite for having a varied repertoire. We learn basic saxophone technology.
  • Ergonomics: standing right when playing is incredibly important to avoid future injuries. We test different exercises for back and shoulders to maintain a good posture.
learn to play saxophone malmö
Saxophone teacher Jon Mellerby offers saxophone lessons at Malmö Music School
Length of course

Full year: 40 sessions of 30/45/60 min, with the possibility to take up to 6 lessons (reserve lessons/flex)

Autumn or spring term: 17 sessions of 30/45/60 min, with the possibility of making up 1 lesson

Summer course: 6 sessions of 30/45/60 min

There is a possibility of a short trial course of 8 sessions of 30/45/60 min. These start regularly during the semester, contact us for more information. Our full year and full term courses have discounted prices.

Autumn term 2021 starts week 34, Spring term 2022 starts week 3. Summer courses are scheduled between June and August in consultation with the school.

You can see the prices for saxophone lessons at Malmö Music School on our order page.

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