In Sweden, there is currently no structured music education for children at an early age, preparing them for a professional life or for music-making at a high level. In most European countries, there are so-called Music Conservatories where children attend alongside school and study the instrument of their choice, but also music theory, music history and ensemble playing. In Sweden there is a broad system of cultural schools that offer music education to many children, but unfortunately this education is not structured in the same way. There is a big gap in level between the cultural schools and university education. Folk high schools fill this gap to some extent, but at a late stage. We see the need to develop and provide opportunities for children and young people to develop music skills earlier and more widely.

Malmö Music School wants all children and young people (and in the long term also adults) who want to be able to study music at a higher level and pace, earlier than at secondary school level, and even if they have not managed to get into a top education. Today, very few people get that chance, and most need private lessons to successfully apply for one of these top courses. 

Our courses will aim to help students achieve the following:

  1. Get to know the different interpretative conventions that prevailed throughout the history of music, mainly those concerning rhythmic notation and ornamentation. 
  2. Acquire and use different strategies for memorising music and memory development.
  3. Develop the ability to read "a prima vista", and use the musical knowledge acquired to improvise progressively on your main instrument.
  4. Playing in an ensemble (chamber music), and learning to work with other musicians.
  5. Use the technical knowledge acquired to progressively solve the problems that may arise, such as fingering, pedalization, phrasing, dynamics, etc.
  6. Master both the technique and the expressive possibilities of the instrument, and train your ear to continue gradually improving the sound.
  7. Interpret repertoire that includes representative works from each era and style, and at the appropriate level of difficulty.    

The content of our courses will be specific to each main instrument.

In autumn 2023, Malmö Music School will start a holistic education for children who have music as a major interest and want to invest more than a single lesson a week on the main instrument.

The following instrument specializations will be available starting in the fall of 2023:


Classical guitar



The training will be structured with clear objectives for each year both in terms of the repertoire to be studied, and what is expected to be achieved by the student.

In addition to the course on the main instrument, the following will also be included as a compulsory part of the training:

Music theory and ear training (from grade 1)

Music History (from grade 3)

Ensemble playing (basic ensemble playing in grades 1 and 2, chamber music from grade 3)

At the end of the autumn term, tests will be held in each subject. The test will be helpful as feedback for the next term for both the student and the teacher. Retests will not be given.

At the end of each school year (May-June), tests will be held in each subject. This test must be passed in order to proceed to the next academic year. Retests will be held in August, if necessary, for the following school year. 


  • November 2022: current students and guardians are informed about the new line.
  • December 2022: the repertoire list for each instrument and academic year is published
  • January 2023, week 3: start of the spring 2023 semester. Current students interested in starting in the fall of 2023 should inform the teachers. Students who already play may prepare an entrance exam for grade 2 in consultation with teachers. The exam will include both instruments and music theory.
  • May 2023: admission test 1.
  • August 2023: admission test 2 (for students joining during the summer, and retests for those who did not pass admission test 1).
  • Week 34, 2023: course start.